Keep your car running safely without busting your budget

Mechanical Breakdown Protection offered by Route 66

Keep your car running safely without busting your budget

Mechanical Breakdown Protection offered by Route 66

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Unexpected breakdowns can make a major dent in your wallet. Even if you think you’re protected by your car’s warranty now, you’ll be responsible for expensive repairs when that warranty expires. Problems with your car’s transmission, fuel injector, or engine will set you back thousands of dollars. Many cars are also equipped with sophisticated sensors that measure the overall health of your vehicle and maintain the safety of your ride. These parts are critical, and when they fail, they can be very expensive to repair or replace.

A Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP), offered by Route 66 - a Redstone partner, is an extended warranty that helps you avoid large repair costs. With competitive rates and levels of coverage that fit the age and mileage of your vehicle, you can keep your car running safely without busting your budget.

Every MBP Warranty includes:

Deductible on labor and covered parts


Money-back guarantee


Emergency road service


Nationwide coverage


Transferable coverage if you sell your car


Rental vehicle assistance

Learn more about MBP today and start driving worry-free tomorrow.


Phone 800-234-1234 or visit any branch office

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