A Mortgage Team dedicated to making dreams come true

Feel confident and informed as home owners

A Mortgage Team dedicated to making dreams come true

Feel confident and informed as home owners

Meet The Mortgage Team

With extensive knowledge and years of experience, each member of our Mortgage Team is dedicated to helping you feel confident and informed, whether you’re buying, refinancing, or building. We take the time to understand your unique needs, discuss your options, and help you make the most of your money along the way—from application to closing.

Your goals are closer than you may think. We’re here to help you reach them.

Meet Our Team


Jonathan Aboko-Cole Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-327-1290

c 256-309-9113
NMLS# 1382832


Dawn Lynn Franklin Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-836-5641

c 256-810-3573
NMLS# 1386969


Rakeem Fuller Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-8518

c 256-692-9009
NMLS# 1754333


Sharleen Kinch Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-8503

c 256-836-4795
NMLS# 405074


Leonard Leach Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-8537

c 256-924-2802
NMLS# 300380

Jeremy Pearson

Jeremy Pearson Mortgage Loan Originator t 615-203-7060

c 615-809-5220
NMLS# 1719830


Elaine Rouse Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-327-1043

c 256-424-2777
NMLS# 1206758


Lamont Russell Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-327-1156

c 256-519-5595
NMLS# 500737


Patricia Sigle Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-8505

c 256-836-0432
NMLS# 203335


Heather Strawder Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-8520

c 256-836-1177
NMLS# 1273430


Nikki Wallace Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-5622

c 256-763-4882
NMLS# 826900

Ashleigh Wilson

Ashleigh Wilson Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-882-8515

c 256-929-5331
NMLS# 842588


Katelyn Wilson Mortgage Loan Originator t 256-327-1238

c 256-424-2167
NMLS# 1759405


Mitch Wilson Mortgage Loan Originator t 615-203-7050

c 615-971-1396
NMLS# 1971274

Loans subject to credit approval. Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account to obtain a mortgage loan product. A $5 minimum balance is required to open and must be maintained in share savings account at all times. Annual Percentage Rate (APRs) are determined by an evaluation of applicant credit at account opening. Variable rates are subject to change after consummation of the loan. Fixed APRs are fixed for the life of the loan. Other restrictions may apply. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. RFCU is an Equal Opportunity Lender.. Contact Credit Union for details. Various types of mortgage loan programs and terms are available. Must create separate user name and password to apply online.