Protect what matters most

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Protect what matters most

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Redstone Insurance Services®

In an unpredictable world, you can’t take every precaution. But you can make a plan for the “what ifs.” With multiple insurance options, guided support, and personalized service, Redstone Insurance Services® can help you protect what matters most even when you can’t predict what happens next.

Choosing the right insurance policy is a personal process, whether you need to safeguard your valuables or make a plan for your loved ones. There is so much to consider, including your budget, your goals, and the needs of your family. Our team of experts can walk you through your options and customize the insurance solutions that make the most sense for you.

Don’t agonize over an unwanted surprise. Live brighter and know that you’re covered.

Why purchase your insurance through Redstone Insurance Services?

Excellent, personalized service

That focuses on your unique needs, concerns, budget, and goals for the future

Dozens of available discounts

Including multi-policy, good payer, and “green” discounts designed to reward members and keep your premiums low

Expert insurance team members

Who help you find the plan that’s right for you and walk you through every step

Convenience of having it all in one place

When you bank, invest, and insure with Redstone Insurance Services

Multiple coverage options

And more ways to upgrade your protection with special features and plans

Support when you need it most

Whether you’re evaluating insurance options or need to make a claim

Must be Redstone Federal Credit Union (RFCU) member to obtain certain insurance products. Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account to join. A $5.00 minimum balance is required to open share savings account and must be maintained in share savings account at all times. Fees and other restrictions may apply. RFCU does not warrant, guarantee, or insure any product or service offered by Redstone Insurance Services (RIS) or any third party insurance company. RIS, third party insurance companies and RFCU are separate entities.

Redstone Services GroupSM, LLC d/b/a Redstone Insurance Services, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redstone Federal Credit Union® (RFCU®) but are separate entities. Redstone Services Group, LLC is a licensed insurance agency that sells insurance policies issued by third party insurance companies. The insurance products are not products or obligations of RFCU, are not NCUA or federally insured and are not endorsed, warranted, recommended, or guaranteed by RFCU or any government agency. The insurance products may be offered by a dual employee who also sells insurance products on behalf of a third-party insurance company. RFCU and its affiliates are committed to fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory practices.